Anxiety + Depression + Me = Still me!

In just 2 days, my blogs have been read over 1,100  times.. and counting! The numbers go up every time I look.  I never expected this to even reach the hundreds, let alone the thousands!

To me, this just proves that people do want to know about mental health… people want to learn about it, read about it and talk about it and that’s great!!!

In less than 24 hours, I received messages from lots of people; people in appreciation that my story had been shared, people who have shared some of their stories with me, people who could relate to my experiences and people who wanted to know more.  That is exactly what I wanted to achieve.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all the support and kind comments from all of you. It really has boosted my mood.

I think one of the biggest reasons that people avoid a conversation about mental health is that they don’t know what to say. People worry about offending you or saying the wrong thing.

In my experience… it is the acknowledgement that I am a person that really matters. There is nothing worse than seeing someone you know and for them to avoid conversation with you. It’s is more offensive to me for you to avoid me because I’ve been ill, nothing you could say would upset me as much as that. I have experienced this, and it made me feel isolated, weak and unwanted. It made me feel like that was how the whole world saw me and that I might actually be crazy.

No one should have to feel like that.

I don’t believe that it’s deliberate attempt from anyone to upset someone. I’d like to think that my friends, family and people who know me wouldn’t do something like that to be rude or nasty. I think it is a case of people being unsure on what to say.

You don’t need to worry. Yes, I have depression, Yes, I have anxiety, but I’m still me.

Just like anyone else, some days are better than others. Some days (just like everyone else) I won’t be up for a big conversation, but that’s okay. The fact that you smiled at me or the fact that you said hello and asked how I was, or asked how my day was… that means the world.  It makes such a big difference when you feel like the rest of the world is against you.

I’m not saying that everyone I see needs to smile and give me jazz hands or I’ll be an offended quivering wreck – not at all. What I am trying to say is that avoiding that conversation with someone because you are aware of their diagnosis, their label of ill mental health, is far more detrimental to them than you know.

Having a mental illness does not mean that you are incapable of everyday conversation or that you don’t want to talk to anyone. It doesn’t mean that anyone we talk to will have to sit and listen to the whole 9 yards and be expected to console us. There are professionals for that, so you’re off the hook!

Mental illness is invisible. If I hadn’t have mentioned it, I very much doubt people would know about my diagnosis. This further proves my point… I AM STILL ME 😀

Talk to me about funky socks. Talk to me about the weather. Talk to me about how bad the coffee is. Talk to me about mental health!

Stay with me here.

Published by Alice Down the Rabbit Hole

27 year old | smiler | lover | depressive | fan of irony

2 thoughts on “Anxiety + Depression + Me = Still me!

  1. An excellent and informative article thanks a lot for it. I’m one of the ones who’s still stuck can’t talk about even though I know what’s wrong I can’t seem to break through to talk about it. Some days I just want to curl up in a ball and let it all go away. None of my family or friends know and this is anonymous so I feel OK talking about it, thanks for the space.


  2. I am so very proud of you Alice. I remember how hard it was for you we first started talking about stuff in the smoking shelter in 2013. You have come so far and are living proof that you can get through it. You are an inspiration and I love you c


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