Penny for Your Thoughts

It started in a meeting at work a few weeks ago… ‘How can we raise money for West Kent Mind?’


Penny for your thoughts was born! I plucked up the courage to share this little brainwave with the room (a massive thing for me to do #littlevictories). The idea was for  a bucket to be left in the office for a week, to collect loose change from passersby whilst sparking a thought or conversation about mental health; Winning!

The campaign took off well and we raised a hearty £26.20 in just 3 days. Considering a lot of this was in coppers, not a bad response!

Due to the success and positive feedback, I took the idea to West Kent Mind directly.

I am really pleased I did as the campaign has now been launched with its very own text code!

To donate £1.00 to West Kent Mind and the great work they do, please text WKMP01 £1 to 70070.

It takes barely any time to send a text nowadays, why not send a text that will actually make a difference?

I can’t express to you enough how much these donations matter and how much of a difference they can make.

I myself have used West Kent Mind in the past and to this day don’t think I would have gotten through one of the toughest periods of my depression without them.

These donations help to fund the classes the wonderful team run in Sevenoaks. Without these services, a lot of people would be left to feel alone and isolated. For me, these services gave me somewhere to go where I felt safe and free from judgement.

The WKM team recently visited my work and gave a fantastic presentation. Part of this was a very brave member of their team telling her very personal story of her journey with bi-polar.

I felt so overcome with emotion with this story, what a brave thing to do. This wonderful woman stood up at the end to give a speech and it was her! It was the lady who made me feel so welcome and helped me through those darkest days. I am convinced that without her, I would not be here.

I cannot urge you enough to donate what you can. Please help someone else in that position. Keeping these funds up will enable others to find comfort and support when they need it most.

£10 pays for one person to have the art materials they need for one month in their therapeutic art group.

£100 pays for 5 weeks of childcare, and this means that women suffering from post-natal depression can attend their mums’ support group.

£500 pays for 8 people with mental health problems to learn to play music in their wellbeing for music group for 2 months.

£1,000 pays for 5 isolated people with mental health problems to be supported by a volunteer befriender for a year .

If every person who has visited my blog to date had sent a text, we would be up to £6035.00 in 1 month.

This is outstanding.

If you have the chance to make a positive impact, why wouldn’t you?

Stay with me.

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