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I started writing about mental health back in 2016, venting my thoughts and frustrations of my own anxiety and depression. Since, I’ve dipped in and out with musings and updates over the years. I’ve won a couple of awards and like to come here to remind myself of how far I’ve come since then. We all have mental health, and a whopping 1 in 4 of us experience mental health struggles at some point in our lives. So whether you’re having a tricky time, or know someone else who’s taking a tumble, I hope you find solace and some help in these posts.


The overwhelming anxiety that looms the morning after a big night. Why do we get it, and how can we manage it?

We need to talk

Celebrating World Mental Health Day and the conversations it brings.

The art of overreacting

Let me walk you through how to overreact and make a situation a whole lot more dramatic than it needs to be.

On a scale of 1-10, how much does it hurt?

Sometimes I wish my mental health was physically visible, because then I would feel completely lost in talking about how it feels.

No thank you, not today

How to acknowledge your anxieties, and let them go (or how to try at least!)

Keeping your feet on the ground

How to use your senses to stay grounded when your mind is working overtime.

Doctors and drugs

Starting conversations with your doctor about mental health and handling medications

Tangled threads

When our thoughts get caught up amongst themselves like a big ball of tangled threads, it can feel overwhelming. How to pick your thoughts and de-tangle them.

I won an award!

From bored blogger to Volunteer of the Year!

The night shift

I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling anxious, my brain come alive and races at night. How do you slow your mind down and get to sleep?

Don’t take it personally

Cancelled plans and ignored texts – please don’t take it personally. Sometimes, I just need a time out.

On my own

Feeling depressed, isolated and absolutely alone in the world.

My story isn’t over;

My experience with self-harm, depression and depersonalisation.

Dear Depression,

My open letter to my depression and all it’s taken from me.

It’s all in my head

Mental health isn’t always just mental – these troublesome times can bring with them physical problems too…

What I’m made of

To be happy 24/7 is ambitious, to be content, is realistic. How I’ve come to realise that I can’t control everything, and that I must accept some things.

I’ll never understand…

Mental health is confusing – here’s what I don’t get.

Penny for Your Thoughts

I’ve been working with West Kent Mind, who publish my blog on their website. I’ve started a campaign with them to help fund the important work they do. Take a look and please donate if you can!

Mental health on the move

Getting yourself up and out when all you want to do is hibernate.

In this moment

Straight after a panic attack – how does it feel? What am I thinking?

Molehills and mountains

How one person’s struggles are another’s walk in the park.

Put on your big-girl pants

Things to try to beat your brain when it just won’t stop.

The big scary S word

Getting real about suicidal thoughts and where to turn.

Sticks and stones

What you say matters.

Anxiety + depression + me = still me!

Finding out that I battle with anxiety and depression doesn’t mean that you need to talk to or treat me any differently.


When you feel as though you’ve taken on the world before you’ve even had time for breakfast, it’d important to celebrate the #littlevictories.

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